Monday, January 25, 2016

The pot calling the kettle black, or

...Hypocrisy???  What Hypocrisy???

I am forced to suggest that ours stinks as bad as theirs.

How conservative policies bankrupted a province

All the Conservative party supporters should be forced to come up with answers to rebut the FACTS presented in this little article about Alberta's woes:

One of the hallmarks of intelligent people is their ability to recognize when they are wrong when faced with facts. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The truth about western nations' interventions "in support of democracy"

Read this and decide if the west can still be considered the good guys in geopolitical discussions:

 For many parts of the world, the US and its supporters are the terrorists, and have been since the WWII fire- and atomic- bombing of major cities that did nothing but kill and incinerate civilians.

Monday, November 16, 2015

An alternate approach to dealing with ISIS

This article examines another way of dealing with the mess in the middle east that has been created by western interventions:

I am starting to think that the real purpose of the suicide bombings and terrorist attacks launched by ISIS types is to demonstrate to western populations the conditions under which millions of Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Yemenis and assorted other arab people live on a daily basis.  These are conditions which have resulted from western interventions, regime changes, and anti-terrorist drone bombings over the last 15 years or so.  To the best of their ability they are exporting shock and awe back to the western states that have been interfering in the middle east for decades.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The truth about the US drone assassination program ...

... is not to be found in major American newspapers.

About 90% of the people murdered by US drones are not the intended target.

Even the US military acknowledges that the program undoubtedly creates more new terrorists than it kills.  IE., the US is the source or the new terrorists in the war on terror. How stupid is that!!??

Monday, September 14, 2015

Here's what's wrong with the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership

This article sums it up very well, and exposes the unmentioned real purpose of this agreement:
to ensure corporate profits supersede the will of a state's citizens.

Not one politician has dared argue these provisions of the agreement in a public forum.  The news media never question the implications of surrendering sovereignty to corporate profits.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Remember when you used to yell "You stink!" to your childhood 'enemies'?

Apparently, this is becoming a technical reality among crowd control officials.

Geez, we live in a sick world!

The difference between the US and China

This article shows that exactly the same sort of people are running both the US and China.

It's interesting that the masses still think that the terms communism and democracy still mean something to those in power.  It's striking how similar is the behaviour of the powerful in both countries.

9/11 and the road not taken ...

This article really points out the horrible mindset that has pervaded western governments for years, and suggests that maybe we are to blame for the terrorism created on our behalf.

The Harper gov't still thinks war can accomplish good things.  He is a murderous fool.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A summary of freedoms lost ...

... in the USA:

Canada is now much  the same.

Despite these wars on drugs, terrorism, immigration and wealth, the governments involved continue to say they are necessary.  But wait, doesn't that mean that these policies have been a failure wrt their original stated intent?  What do you do with someone who cannot accomplish what they set out to do?  You fire them, or at least admit that what you wanted done cannot be accomplished by that method.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Euro's evil explained

Greg Palast has some very incisive comments regarding the Euro's true purpose:

Not a coin, a virus

Tsipras’ claim that Greece can keep the euro while rejecting austerity is crazy-talk. The fact is that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Cruella De Vil of the Eurozone, will ignore the cries of the bleeding Greeks and demand we swallow austerity--or lose the euro.
But, so what if we lose the euro? The best thing that can happen to Greece, and should have happened long, long ago, is that Greece flee the Eurozone.

That’s because it is the euro itself that is the virus responsible for Greece’s economic ills.
Indeed, the sadistic commitment to “austerity” was minted into the coin’s very metal. We’re not guessing. One of us (Palast, an economist by training) has had long talks with the acknowledged “father” of the euro, Professor Robert Mundell. It’s important to mention the other little bastard spawned by the late Prof. Mundell: “supply-side” economics, otherwise known as “Reaganomics,” “Thatcherism” – or, simply “voodoo” economics.

The imposition of the euro had one true goal: To end the European welfare state.

For Mundell and the politicians who seized on his currency concept, the euro itself would be the vector infecting the European body politic with supply-side Reaganomics. Mundell saw a euro’d Europe as free of trade unions and government regulations; a Europe in which the votes of parliaments were meaningless. Each Eurozone nation, unable to control neither the value of its own currency, nor its own budget, nor its own fiscal policy, could only compete for business by slashing regulations and taxes. Mundell said, "[The euro] puts monetary policy out of the reach of politicians… Without fiscal policy, the only way nations can keep jobs is by the competitive reduction of rules on business."

Here’s how it works. To join the Eurozone, nations must agree to keep their deficits to no more than 3% of GDP and total debt to no more than 60% of GDP. In a recession, that’s plain insane. By contrast, President Obama pulled the USA out of recession by increasing deficit spending to a staggering 9.8% of GDP, and he raised the nation’s debt to 101% from a pre-recession 62%. Republicans screamed, but it worked. The US has lower unemployment than any Eurozone nation.
As Obama scolded the European tormentors of Greece: “You cannot keep on squeezing countries that are in the midst of depression.” Cutting spending power only leads to less spending which leads to further cuts in spending power – a death spiral we see today in the Eurozone from Greece to Italy to Spain—but not in Germany.

“Not in Germany.” There’s the rub. Normally, a nation such as Greece can quickly recover from debt-induced recession by devaluing its currency. Greece would become a dirt cheap tourist destination once more and its lower-cost exports would zoom, instantly increasing competitiveness. And that’s what Germany can’t allow. Germany lured other European nations into the euro in order to keep them from undercutting Germany’s prices in export markets.
Restricted by the 3% deficit rule, the only recourse left for Eurozone debtors: pay the piper with “austerity” measures.

Tsipras in Wonderland

So therein lies the lie. Tsipras tells his fellow Greeks that we can live in a Looking Glass world, where we can have our euro and eat it too; that we can stay handcuffed to the euro but run free without austerity.

The nonsense continues: Following the announcement of the official results of the referendum on Sunday night, Tsipras tweeted that the Greek electorate voted for a "Europe of solidarity and democracy," while the now-resigned finance minister Varoufakis tweeted that "Greece's place in the Eurozone is non-negotiable," claiming that he would not allow the "only alternative," the old drachma trading alongside the euro.

SYRIZA's euro-fetish was already evident in its pre-referendum proposals to the IMF and European Bank, a 47-page document which included 8 billion euros in new austerity measures plus a new round of sell-offs of state industries, the maintenance of a primary surplus of 1% this year which would increase in the coming years, the increase of the retirement age to 67, and making permanent the previously "temporary" taxes upon an already overtaxed populace. In Tsipras’ own proposal, there was no word of a debt write-down or stoppage of payments, despite the fact that the government's own Debt Audit Commission announced on June 17 that the bulk of Greece's debt is illegal, “odious,” and should not be paid.

Instead, Tsipras has come out in support of the IMF's proposal for a mere 30% "debt haircut" and a 20-year grace period, effectively sweeping the problem under the rug. Greece is currently running a deficit, meaning that in order for the 1% surplus to be achieved, SYRIZA must cut, cut, cut. Exactly as Mundell and the supply-siders intended.

Death by “Reform”

Like Obama, Tsipras knows that cutting pensions, privatizing and closing industries, slashing wages – in other words, “austerity” -- or, to use the latest jargon, “reform” – is not just cruel, it’s plain stupid: it can only push a nation in recession into depression.

That’s not just theory. The Troika (the European Central Bank, IMF and European Commission) first imposed their vicious austerity measures on Greece in 2010. Greeks watched their annual salaries plummet to half of a German’s paycheck. Greece's supposedly generous pensions have been cut eight times during the crisis, while two-thirds of pensioners live below the poverty line. Everything from Greece's airports to harbors, the national lottery to prime publicly-owned real estate was sold off, while schools and hospitals were shuttered.

And, for the first time since World War II, widespread starvation had returned. 500,000 children in Greece are said to be malnourished. Students fainting from hunger in frigid schools which cannot afford heating oil is now a common phenomenon.

This cruel “belt tightening,” the Troika promised, would restore Greece’s economy by 2012 (and then 2013, 2014, and 2015). In reality, unemployment went from a terrible 12.5% in 2010 to a horrendous 25.6% today."
Now, the Troika demands more of the same, a continuation of this disastrous policy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Euro, Greece, theft etc.

Greg Palast has a lot to say about the Greek crisis and the Euro as a tool of theft:

Privatization rears its ugly head again.  Corporations gain control of a country's assets, pocket the profits, and leave the people to starve.

The Greek financial story we were never told ..

... but Greg Palast has the info:

Once again, the big banks/financial institutions prove that they care for nothing except their own bottom line, ... ... ... and they will break every law and ethical canon to get more profit regardless of who suffers from their profit-taking machinations.

Ain't capitalism grand, particularly when it gets to write and enforce the rules under which corporations operate?

Friday, July 3, 2015

Our governments are wasting their time and our money fighting terrorism!

Here's what has been accomplished in the 'terrorism' war recently:

All that seems to emerge is the fact that your death matters a lot more if it happens in a 'terrorist' incident, than if your messy death happens in a more mundane way (ie shot while being mugged, for instance).  Also 'terrorists' don't really kill all that many of us, while we seem to be collaterally killing a lot of 'them'

The real obscenity emerges when you consider what could have been accomplished if the money wasted on the 'terrorism' shenanigans (in excess of $2,000,000,000,000 since 9/11/2001) had been spent on something useful, eg:
       leprosy treatment
       malaria vaccinations
       safe drinking water provision
       alternate/renewable energy sources
       eliminating tax havens for corporations
       expanding medical care
       medical research
       transit infrastructure
       etc., etc.,

All of these alternative uses of funds would have been of more benefit to the people of the world than the paltry results of the failed 'war on terror'.

But notice that the banks, corporations, mercenaries and Wall St. types would not have benefited as much as they have in the last 15 years.

There is a lesson to be learned in all of this ...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some religious comedy

Here's a pretty good exposé of the hypocrisy related to the concept of marriage:

The bible really is not where one should go looking for advice.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Americam psyche ...

... is hard-wired to a war worldview.  Consider this article's insights:

It seems that the war propaganda and military-think are having some serious blowback effects upon the US population at home.  Who would'a thunk it?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Animals are dangerous when they realize they are dying ...

... So is the American empire.  Here a neat little summary of what is happening out there that you won't hear on the evening news:

Canada needs to elect a government that will do more than cozy up to the belly of the dying beast.  Might even be time to distance ourselves from the soon-to-be corpse.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Welcome to Northern New York state ...

... police state, that is.

Watch this little video:

The 'officials' involved were US immigration agents, who are allowed to stop anyone they like within 100 miles of the border.  Can anyone discern what the suspicious 'crime' was that caused this stop?  Did it have anything to do with immigration?  Why did the 'officials' refuse to tell the detainee the reason for the stop?  Why was waiting beside her car such an affront to the 'official' that he had to taser the detainee?

From what I heard, the nervous behaviour of the detainee was the reason she was pulled over.  Who in their right mind would not be nervous when pulled over, given the way these 'officials' behaved toward their victim?

I'm sure that the citizens of East Germany, North Korea and hundreds of other despotic police states  fully understand the nervousness of citizens when faced with anyone in uniform.  I guess we North Americans will just have to learn how to deal with the rampaging mobs of  'officials' who are out there to protect us.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The measured effects of Free Trade agreements ...

 ... are not all that great for most of the people in the countries that have entered into them.  But - SURPRISE!! - the top 1% have made out like the bandits they are.  Here's and analysis to consider:

Corporations uber alles!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Crime pays, exhorbitantly and without penalty!

Read this little explanation of things:

Money for nothing!  At least Dire Straits had to sing a few tunes to get their $.  Banks & Wall Street just steal straight from us and give nothing in return.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Who's a hero?

Here is an interesting argument regarding the ritual fawning over military folks that you see at the start of every NFL, NASCAR, NHL, NBA and most other public gatherings in North America:

The statistic that astounded me was the death rates for fishermen and for loggers when compared to military types.  It seems we should be saying a prayer every time we walk on a hardwood floor or inhale a fish stick, if we do indeed wish to show respect for those who have died to allow us to maintain our way of life.

It just shows that the way you die determines your value to our society.  Splash your brains and guts across the interior of your car while on your way to the cottage, and nobody cares.  Do it while interfering in the affairs of a foreign country, and you are automatically a hero. 

It is a strange calculus that our culture has adopted.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Krugman on the TPP ...

... can be found here:

Notice that the red herring put forth by the supporters of TPP always touts the low tariff BS, never the real problem, which is the surrender of sovereignty to corporate dispute panels.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A frightening, but illuminating, insight into why things are deteriorating

In the game of life, it seems, we peasants are not even playing by the same rules as the rich.  In fact, we aren't even aware of the actual rules.  We're still operating on the myths from the post-WWII boom when prosperity became a expectation for the average Joe.

Corporations uber alles!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More horror stories about so-called free trade deals ...

Check out this description of recent events:

The real purpose of these agreements is to gut the powers of nations to control their own resources and laws.  Corporations are to be allowed to do anything they want, anywhere, as long as their potential profits are not affected.  Countries are not allowed to do anything that could potentially lower these profits.

Only corporations are to be allowed to reap profits.  Nations will not be allowed to do anything profitable; any such activities must be turned over to corporations.  Examples include the privatization of highways, water supplies, airports, education and health care and the concept of mineral rights that allows corporations to develop mines and 'frack' under land that they do not even own.  The hapless land owner (local government, for instance) is always left to clean up the mess after the extraction process is finished and the corporate shareholders have pocketed their profits.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The TPP is not a trade deal ...

..., it is a means of giving corporations the power to overturn or avoid any laws that limit their ability to make profits:

Safety, environmental, health and even tax laws could be repealed if businesses don't like them.  The citizens of the country don't get to have a say in how their country will be run.

Why the TPP (TransPacific Partnership) trade deal should be rejected absolutely

More explanation of why this agreement will be horrible for people, but excellent for corporations:

All the really successful thieves wear suits, and act strictly in accordance with the laws that they created that allow them to control the game.  You have more chances of winning at a casino than you do when dealing with corporations.

There is no longer any hope that any government will act in the best interests of its populace.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Bill C-51 should be rejected absolutely

This article explains the real purpose of Harper's Bill C-51, in a broad context.  It is worth reading, if only so that we can look back on it when the hammer falls.

Only masochistic ignoramuses could vote for this bill.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Canadian lawsuit attempts to restore the Bank Of Canada

Here is an interesting development:

This case could be monumental if it succeeds.

Banks usurp democracy ...

... by controlling the money supply.

Read this article:

It seems that all the votes in the world do not matter since all governments are indebted to private banks, most of which are multinationals.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wikileaks exposes the TPP draft. This is important.

Here are the details about the Transpacific Trade Partnership that our governments are now secretly negotiating.  Thanks to Wikileaks, we finally get a glimpse into the horrors of these trade agreements:

Here is a look at the effect such agreements could have on our food supply:

So much for governments working for the people.  It's all about corporate greed.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Welcome the totalitarian state ...

... that's on its way to your neighbourhood!

There is a good look at Harper's new plan to ban thoughts and dissent in Canada in the article above.

Corporate America fights back against dissent from the party line

Google has leapt to the defense of the US military's new lust for war in the middle east by censoring all ads on




Why they hate us ...

... is quite obvious from the pictures at this site:

The 'values' demonstrated by the captors in these recently released photos are certainly worth fighting against.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An insight into the miserable flying process ...

... to which we are now routinely subjected:

Of particular interest is the comment that industry 'deregulation' has not resulted in any of the benefits that were promised when the old regs were abandoned.  The same applies in every case where deregulation has occurred, particularly wrt banking and infrastructure like highways and water systems.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A great source for Documentaries

Here's some good stuff that you will not see on TV:

A huge vault of documentaries about all sorts of important topics is found in this website,

US government recruits, trains, funds, supplies and actively assists terrorists ...

... so that it can arrest them and put on a show trial to convince the masses that it is doing something to keep us safe.

I do not invent this stuff:

Talk about propagandizing you own population.